30×30 Challenge: Days 11 & 12

Yesterday (Day 11) was grey and cool, so I decided to forego the yoga on the deck and just do a run around a nearby park in the early hours. It was me, the dog walkers, and the birds! There were tons of seagulls:

#30x30Challenge Day 11 seagullsAnd a bunch of red-winged blackbirds:

#30x30Challenge Day 11 red-winged blackbirdThere was the swan:

#30x30Challenge Day 11 swanAnd there were even a couple of male mallard ducks:

#30x30Challenge Day 11 mallardsThere were also a bunch of robins, but I couldn’t get close enough to get a good photo with my phone.

I noticed that some of the tulips are done, but most are currently in bloom. The magnolias and crocuses are done, and most of the daffodils, too. But look (below) what’s just around the corner! (Sorry to those who are allergic – I love lilac time!)

#30x30Challenge Day 11 lilac budssI have to make a point here of noting that I love my neighbourhood. It is the most walkable of any place that I’ve ever lived. I can walk to numerous amenities within 10 minutes, including 2 grocery stores, hardware store (2 as well), library, schools, restaurants (Indian, French, Italian, cafés, lunch counters, pubs, gourmet burgers, fish and chips, burritos, sushi, pizza, even fast food and donuts if I ate that stuff), laundromat, dry cleaners, hair salons, butcher, movie theatre, beach, massage therapists, several parks and playgrounds, liquor store, vet… there’s even a police station around the corner. So we generally do a lot of walking around the neighbourhood, or if my youngest is coming, riding our bikes (that guy loves his bike!). If I’m biking (or walking for 20-25 minutes), the list gets even more extensive, including my local yarn shop, optometrist, book stores, clothing shops, antiques, furniture, vintage, garden store, and many more of the above. I feel lucky that we bought in this neighbourhood, as we didn’t do a whole lot of research into the area and I actually had no idea just how close to the beach and all of the other amenities we were. So it’s an easy task to get outside for me, and is a part of our daily life.

Today (Day 12) it is chilly and very windy. Parts of the city (and much of the province) have had hail. So I’m glad I got out early when it was still moderately nice out for my walk/run and yoga. I decided yesterday that I don’t love running, because you aren’t taking in your surroundings, and it’s an effort to stop and go, as I like to when I’m taking photographs. I took more photos today, but because it was so windy, everything but this garlic mustard (shielded from the wind by the fence) was out of focus:

#30x30Challenge Day 12 garlicmustardGarlic mustard is delicious to nibble on in salads and in pesto, but it’s an invasive species, so I don’t suggest planting it. Ever. It takes over. According to wikipedia: “The insects and fungi that feed on it in its native habitat are not present in North America, increasing its seed productivity and allowing it to out-compete native plants.” I just noticed this at my neighbour’s house around the corner. I will warn my friend who lives next to him, as she does NOT want this stuff in her lovely garden.

Last but not least, a shout out to all of moms out there. Happy Mother’s Day. You rock.


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