30×30 Challenge: Days 13-15

I’m going to start by sharing this infographic from the David Suzuki Foundation‘s 30×30 Nature Challenge site, because I like it so much:

Suggested dosage of nature - from David Suzuki Foundation 30x30 Challenge

My brother told me recently that he has a teacher friend who makes his students run a lap around the track and drink a big glass of water before he starts his lesson in the classroom. That way he makes sure they are alert and hydrated. And, according to the info above, they’ve just had a bit of stress relief with 2 minutes outside, to boot. I love that idea.

Day 13: In the afternoon we met up with friends in a green space and the kids ran around while the moms tried to plan a group camping trip. Scheduling 5 families to get out of town together for a couple of nights is an incredibly daunting task, even if they are all homeschoolers! There was lots of garlic mustard in bloom there, and my youngest gathered some for a bouquet for me. They have the prettiest little white flowers. However I’m going to have to remember not to compost them, lest they get into my garden… As you can see by the half mittens on my youngest, it was still chilly on Monday.

#30x30Challenge Day 13 garlic mustard

Day 14: Up bright and early and a great 2.5 km walk/run in the neighbourhood and back deck yoga on a cool morning. Lots of lovely flowers, including some purple trilliums:

#30x30Challenge Day 14 trilliums

The lavender is out. One of my favourite things is to while walking by the numerous gardens with lavender out front is to rub some of the leaves with my fingers and then smell them. So, so lovely.

#30x30Challenge Day 14 lavender

Good news: One of our local farmers’ markets had its first day of the season yesterday, so we met friends there and I spent a bundle on herbs to plant in my front garden. I think I’m going to try to prune back the maple tree (which will make my tomato and squash-happy gardening neighbour happy) a bit so that I can start a bit of a herb garden beside the front walkway. This may not be ideal in winter when we pile all the snow on our front postage stamp lawn, but that’s a chance I’m willing to take this year.

#30x30Challenge Day 14 herbs

I picked up basil, flat and curly parsley, English and Provence lavender, oregano, tarragon, thyme, and rosemary. Most of which should come back next year.

Day 15: Today I woke up bright and early around 6 to the sound of thunder. Then the pounding rain. It was slightly distressing since the plan with our homeschooling group was to meet at a local park where the kids would partake in some olympic games, as well as celebrate the 10th birthday of one of the boys in the group, before an Ancient Greece workshop nearby. However, by 10:30 it was sunny and gorgeous. Here’s the javelin toss:

#30x30Challenge Day 15 javelinGood fun was had by all on a spectacular sunny day, and we 7 families ended up out there for 5 hours in total.


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