30×30 Challenge: Days 16 & 17

Day 16 was just, wow. Spectacular.

I started with the nearly 3km run/walk around the hood (I take a slightly different route every day. There are lots of options to choose from in my neighbourhood) where I noticed the birds. It’s nesting time, and I noticed some house sparrows landing and magically disappearing into the wire cover above my head. I looked more carefully and (although you can’t see it in the photo) noticed dried grass sticking out of the slit in the cover… clearly they’ve built a cosy nest in there. The male is keeping guard:

#30x30Challenge Day 16 - Nesting SparrowsYoga on the deck was great, as usual. Then it was breakfast outside as well!

Late in the morning the kids and I headed back to Bluffers Beach to see the development of the tadpoles, which our friends had moved to a better spot further away from the lake and with greens to eat, where there were a ton of other tadpoles. Here’s a small sample (no, really, I mean it – this may have been 1/10 of the tadpoles I saw in this particular area):

#30x30Challenge Day 16 - American Toad tadpolesAnd they are sooooo cool! Here’s a close-up:

#30x30Challenge Day 16 - American Toad tadpoles up closeWe weren’t the only ones enjoying the spectacular day at the beach:

#30x30Challenge Day 16 - beach painter

We met up with 4 other families and had a picnic and the kids enjoyed a few hours of climbing on the rocks and playing in the sand and on water. It was a wonderful day!

Today (Day 17) wasn’t as good. Mostly because I had a bit of insomnia so I woke up late and had busy day and couldn’t get outside. My plans to go for a walk in the afternoon were foiled so I made a plan to get dinner on the table early so we could all go for a walk afterwards. Because, you know, not being outdoors was really starting to get me irritable.

All was fixed after dinner. We started out with the plan to drop some books at the library an no plan other than that. We ended up walking up the road past some lovely gardens. And I noticed that the lilacs are out!

#30x30Challenge Day 17 - lilacsWe went to the nearby railway tracks as there’s a path that goes next to the tracks that we’ve never explored. It was tree-lined and fenced on the side of the tracks, so this happened along the length of it:

#30x30Challenge Day 17 - fence treeAmazing how nature will just find a way, isn’t it?

We walked along the path to the community gardens, which I’m sure will be planted this weekend. I managed to remember my telephoto lens and get a photo of a robin… I’ve been trying for weeks but I can never get close enough!

#30x30Challenge Day 17 - robinWe walked around a nearby park and the kids played in the playground, and on the way home saw a bunch of fun and bright, colourful things on the way home:

#30x30Challenge Day 17 - butterfly mural #30x30Challenge Day 17 - colourful flowery fence #30x30Challenge Day 17 - colourful post boxAnd I felt much better after some time outside.


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