30×30 Challenge: Final 3 days

Tuesday was wet, but that didn’t stop us from getting out. We headed out for a walk with friends up at the top of the Scarborough bluffs. One of the children picked up snails that were in the path (it was good as it made us look for them instead of crunching all over them) and let them go at the end off the path. I think they liked her:

#30x30Challenge Day 28 snailsThe walk was rather lovely, as all of the recent rain has made everything so spectacularly green, and it’s  a nice path:

#30x30Challenge Day 28 pathWednesday I was out for the bare minimum of 30 minutes, I think, spending a little time after my yoga class with my neighbour showing and telling about our gardens. I have to say that I am so glad this year to have the time to tend to some plants. I’ve always had a few plants but they are usually sorely neglected. No illness, no big trip (we took off last year for 3.5 weeks at the beginning of the summer to camp the maritimes, which was amazing), and kids at a more independent age means I have more time to focus on the garden, which makes me very happy.

And today, the last of the 30×30 Nature Challenge, we were out of the house and heading to Bluffers Beach before 10am to check on the progress of the tadpoles and meet with friends. It was just starting to heat up as we got there, which meant a fog had rolled in. It wasn’t actually a fog, it was the water from the soaked sand evaporating, so it actually hung around (although not as thick, as the sand dried) all day:

#30x30Challenge Day 30 misty beach

And the tadpoles (which were conceived on day 3 of the challenge, and we saw on day 7 and then again on day 16) are doing great – and they are huge!

#30x30Challenge Day 30 tadpoles

A great day was had by all, with much sand play, frisbee tossing, volleyball, climbing, kite flying, splashing, and chilling in the shade. We got home around 4pm.

So, on the last day of the challenge, I guess it is time to reflect. What did I learn? I learned that when I don’t get outside, I get cranky. But I actually already knew that. I didn’t realize just how acute it was, however. I learned to do the things that bring me out, whether it’s just a walk to the grocery store or library, mowing the lawn, hanging the laundry, or weeding or watering the garden. And whenever possible, get out for an early morning walk (or walk/run/yoga), as it puts a really great start to the day.

I found myself looking around more and noticing what was going on around me in nature. The tadpoles are a great example. I have learned a few more birdsongs and learned to recognize a few more birds as well. I am recognizing more plants than ever (and found a secret stash of raspberries I’ll be back to in a month or two) before (okay, that’s not saying that much, but it’s a step in the right direction). And I am feeling great.

So, many thanks to the David Suzuki Foundation for the fantastic month. As I said at the beginning, 30 minutes isn’t such a stretch for me, but it was a great push out the door on days when I may not have gone out, and the beginning of a great new early morning habit.


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