Giving new life to old stuff #2

A friend (who keeps a lovely blog here) had a tie-dye gathering yesterday, as she was inspired by a beautiful Tie-Dye book. I had a couple of white t-shirts I bought at my local second hand shop, plus some old stained t-shirts and leggings, and when we found we had some dye left, the bag I brought and a hankie.

It was a great morning spent with some really lovely women and we had a blast tying and later generally making a mess.

In case you’re curious about the methods and results, I took before and after photos of most. These are my favourites, but I loved all the results.

What I learned from this experience was that the thick elastics create more dramatic ties. I’d like to try the accordion style again, but folding on a diagonal next time.

tie-dye stripes

This was folded accordion-style and then rolled.

tie-dye stripes

The shirt was grey to start. I love this one but I think I thought the yellow was orange when I dipped it… Oops!

tie-dye: marbles

There were marbles wrapped in plastic and secured with elastic. The dye was randomly sprayed.

tie-dye: marbles

Fun marble spots

tie-dye: cone roll

I rolled this as a cone starting from one shoulder. I sprayed the 3 colours of dye in lines.

tie-dye: cone roll

I think this is my favourite.

tie-dye cone roll from centre

My youngest designed this: He pulled the middle and and rolled it in a cone.

tie-dye cone roll from centre

How fun!

    • Lynn said:

      Yes, I’m so happy with all of it!

  1. nomadintransitcph said:

    Looks great – what a fun thing to do.

    • Lynn said:

      It really was! And like my friend said on her blog, with kids it’s fun (the boys and I did hankies a few weeks ago) but with adults it’s relaxing. I highly recommend the book but let me know if you can’t get it in DK and I’ll send you a summary of the main points.

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