Day 11 of 30×30 Nature Challenge

Well, I’m not getting as much vigorous exercise as I should be, but I am getting outside every day. And today (Day 11) was no exception. This fine Mother’s Day was spent mostly outdoors, starting with breakfast on the deck, laundry on the line, brunch (mmmm… waffles and strawberries and cream!) on the deck, and a family walk in Don Mills:

Day 5: I started the day with yoga on the deck, which was pretty divine, despite the construction 5 doors down (more gargantuan town homes) that starts at 7 am sharp every weekday and slightly later on Saturdays. I also spent a little time cleaning up, pruning and watering the garden, which is showing great signs of life! Raspberries, gooseberries, and tarragon are below, but also the blackberries, blueberries, chives (of course) and English lavender are back!

I also encouraged my eldest to bring his work outside and we learned a little about electricity:

Day 6: Tuesday the boys and I made a last minute plan to meet with friends at the beach so we rode our bikes down and spent several hours soaking in the gorgeous weather.

#knitting at the beach. #30x30challenge

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Day 7: Wednesday I woke up early and went down to the deck to sit and listen to the birds for about 20 minutes before the construction noise began. Later my eldest and I rode our bikes to his morning class and later the library. It’s so nice to be back on our bicycles!

Day 8: Even though the construction was up before I was, I went out and did some meditation on the deck in the morning. In the afternoon we went to a friend’s to celebrate a 10th birthday and the 18 kids from 6 families had a ball playing outdoors and in while the mamas all relaxed and chatted on the deck. That never happens and was such a treat (we usually meet to go hiking or field trips).

Day 9: We all enjoyed lunch on the deck. The boys wanted to muck about with water out front (happily emptying the rain barrel for me and watering the garden and the sidewalk before the hatching begins) so I sat and worked on the front porch. Later I had to do a grocery run, so I did it by bike.

Day 10: Saturday mornings I drive my eldest and a friend to their Shakespeare class. It was such a lovely day that I wanted to ride, but we didn’t get to it early enough (we’d have to leave 30 minutes earlier than usual) so maybe next week. Instead I drove them as usual and took a walk to the local library. We ate outside again for lunch and dinner.

I have to admit, so far it’s been extremely easy because the weather has been fantastic. Once the rain begins (it’s spring – it has to rain!) it will get more difficult to get out. And I need to get a bit more exercise, but I keep re-injuring myself when I step up to the next level. Blurgh.


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