Okay, it’s been an age since I posted, and I have a few posts in mind, but I am going to start with this link to The eight-room, 420-square-foot studio apartment (linked vimeo video on buzzbuzzhome). It’s got some pretty cool design features for living small and well.

Another link I wanted to share was this one on food fraud and how you really can’t trust food labels. From a report from the U.S. Pharmacopeial Convention: Diarrhea Fish being passed off as tuna, diluted olive oil… eeewww.

And one last link before I head off to bed, for the Canadians out there. Please consider sending a letter  (via to the government about how you don’t want our tax dollars to be funding the oil sands and fossil fuel development, and although they’ve gutted environmental programs, you’d like some of our dollars to go to species at risk and protecting our oceans.